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Hope & Healing Conference

Heart of Hope had its first “Hope & Healing Conference” on Saturday, October 24th 2015! The conference featured Inspiring Music, Poetry, and the exciting Motivational Speaker shown below! 


One word, no space.

As unique as her name, MelissaRoshan is an uncommon talent. With over a decade in the business, she has landed magazine covers, billboards, print ads, commercials, music videos, and album artwork. But what this respected model, author, and speaker is most proud of, is owning the title of Survivor.

From the days of her tumultuous childhood, MelissaRoshan knew she was meant for so much more. Vowing to overcome, not only embarked on her own journey toward healing, but also became committed to encouraging others rise from their painful pasts. Today she has grown into a full time freelance artist, auto show narrator, motivational speaker, and published author. Her riveting memoir, “A Beautiful Freedom” chronicles her personal evolution from trial to triumph.

MelissaRoshan’s message is simple, yet powerful: “We have all fallen, or been deeply hurt at some point in our lives. The key however is in your ability to “bounce back” from those experiences, and flip every pain into triumph. That is when you experience true freedom.

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