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Exciting New Things are Happening!

April 18, 2021

We're reaching future goals in pursuing the Heart of Hope Ministries Vision. We are expanding our territory and launching out deeper into serving the community!


We have taken possession of a home adjacent to our Outreach Center that has been vacant for several years! WE NEED YOUR HELP to turn this home into transitional housing, our “ Giving Hope House”!


Will you help by donating to the renovations? It’s estimated that we will need an additional $30,000 to replace the heating/air system, redo the kitchen and 2 bathrooms, and other projects. Your support in 2020 raised over $12,000.


Other exciting news is also taking place right now! A small commercial building that has been vacant for years has been donated to Heart of Hope! This property is in excellent condition and we will look at using this site as a possible business that can create a stream of income for our outreach programs in the future! This will probably be a 2022 project!

Giving Hope House, outside front
Giving Hope House kitchen
Giving Hope House bathroom

The "Giving Hope House" as it stands right now. With your help, this house will become a place where adults learn to stand on their own, and start the rest of their lives!

Commercial building exterior

This is the commercial building that Heart of Hope has been given! We plan to make this a business that will generate income to help support our Outreach programs.

And a great BIG THANK YOU! 

Because of your support in 2020:

  • 4,303 neighbors-in-need visited our food pantry in 2020! This was a 91% increase from 2019! These visitors represented 13,260 family members!

  • We began delivering to an average of 35 elderly and disabled weekly!

  • Over 238,000 pounds of food was distributed to needy families!

  • Thousands of clothing items were distributed to men, women, and children!

  • We were blessed to purchase a new 2021 15-ft box truck and an 8 ft x 8 ft outdoor refrigerated food storage unit to greater serve our community!

And now we are on to 2021… we have completed the first 3 months of this yea,r and already things are moving quickly!

  • We continue to see families in need lined up outside of our Outreach Center on Thursday evenings to receive food and toiletry items.

  • We have distributed hundreds of clothing items to men, women, and children. We have put shoes and boots on the cold feet of children, and handed them new socks and underwear. Warm winter coats, hats, and gloves have blessed many in need.

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