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Hidden Pieces to Save

Image by Chris Lawton

Pastor Lynda Honored

KWQC TV and SERVPRO honored Pastor Lynda with the October 2021 "Hometown Hero" award. Watch her receiving her award on the KWQC website.

We are so proud of Pastor Lynda and grateful for all that she does for everyone!

Image by Chris Lawton

Upcoming Events

On January 17th, Pizza Ranch in Bettendorf will hold a fundraiser for Heart of Hope.  Please find out more here!

And please check out our Adopt a Box Promotion, before all the boxes are gone!

Image by Chris Lawton

We Have a Job Opening!

Heart of Hope is looking for an experienced Director of Programs. This is an exciting new position  Please find out more here!

You can download the PDF of our 2021 Annual Report here!

Breon Foulks

Breon Foulks

Food Pantry Coordinator

Breon started his career in various factories as a machinist, production worker, and team lead. He joined Olivet Baptist church in 2013 and wanted to seek more of God, and find himself. 

He originally came to the Heart of Hope Food Pantry as a way to help provide food for his family when a job loss occurred. He then began volunteering, and found great joy in helping, and serving the community. He volunteered every Thursday and has been at Heart of Hope ever since. 

As someone who knows the need in a household, and community, he did well with organizing and preparing food pantry boxes for those in need. He has since been promoted to the Food Pantry Coordinator position. He looks forward to his job, and working to meet the needs of those we serve at Heart of Hope. 

Image by Chris Lawton

2nd Annual Dinner GALA

Join the joy, camaraderie, and inspiration on November 2.  Please find out more here!

And consider becoming a sponsor for the event!

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