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Work is progressing on the Giving Hope House!

July 28, 2021

Prybars are prying and hammers are swinging to make the Giving Hope House truly a place where people can be proud to live!


We're working hard to make this transitional housing a reality. Workers have started taking out old, unsafe, outdated materials in the house, and as you can see in the photos below, have started revealing the bones of a wonderful, lovely home! 

Our goals for the home by the time it's done are for it to be a place of pride in the neighborhood. We've removed the old boiler heating system, radiators, kitchen cabinets, tile flooring, bathroom fixtures, and more – to make way for the new! We're installing a completely new HVAC system, a completely new bathroom and kitchen. We plan to replace the front and back porches, creating a nice deck area; painting inside and out; and landscaping to create a beautiful home that adds value to the community, and serves those needing help from our Hand of HOPE!

But there is still quite a way to go, and WE NEED YOUR HELP to make it a reality. Will you help by donating to the renovations? At the time of this writing, it’s estimated that we will need an additional $24,000 to reach our renovation budget of approximately $53,000.

Let's keep this ball rolling! Let's make this house a home!

Giving Hope House, outside front
Front porch
Back of house

The Giving Hope House exterior as it is currently. Where you now see an old porch and a back yard that's suffered neglect, we plan to have new porches and a new deck.

Stairway with Eliza
Kitchen before renovation started
Gutted kitchen
Dining room and fireplace
Living room before renovations

The interior of the Giving Hope House as it stands right now. You can see the wonderful details of the house that was obviously a loving home, and with your help, will be again!

More Information about our Commercial Building

Diane Terry Mathurin in building
Commercial building exterior

Many thanks to Diane Terry Mathurin (pictured) for the most gracious donation of this property! We will be looking at various business plans to determine the best way to use it. It's across from Douglas Park in Rock Island, which has an amazing history dating back to 1904!

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